Tuesday, November 30

Elf is back and an almost finished tree!

We bought our Christmas tree last Saturday, but we could decorate it because things have to be more exciting in the Scott househould... we had to have an adventure to the ER.
So Sunday we decorated the tree.

As we were starting, there was a mighty knock on the door! We opened it quickly, but there was not a soul in sight... but three beautifully wrapped presents!
The kids both screamed, "Elf is back!" I love that they remember him..
Last year we started the tradition, Elf on the Shelf! It is so fun, if you don't have it, go here and buy a new family tradition!
But wait! There is more?.. what could Elf have brought us!

(Elf told me last year, that he was going to change up tradition for this year. He said he would make them some pa-jammies so they could wear them all month long, instead of on Christmas Eve.)

Ahh, Finntree! We missed you!

After Fintree's disruption it was off to the tree to decorate...

I finished the tree topper! This has been on my list forever, but I could never find something I liked... and I LOVE this!
(It kinda looks like a brain... huh?)
And here is our finished tree!

AND I am almost done with two other projects to beautify our tree, but until it is finished, it is top secret!

4 love notes:

Emily Curfew said...

Brilliant!!! I love the elf idea.

Laura said...

hey, we do elf on the shelf too. the jammies are a good idea to do at the beginning of the month. chase named our elf "ruby" last year. i guess it has to stay!

Kristin said...

Love the elf idea!! Super cute tree topper too :)

RaeAnn said...

I love those two little elves with their new jamas on standing in front of their beautiful Christmas tree!!!
Love ya!!!