Thursday, December 9


Today I have been missing my life as a elementary school teacher.
I went down memory lane, and looked at my old school website, the faculty has change a bit since I left. It is sad, cause it isn't the same as it was. There are new kids and some new teachers. I know that happens, but it made me miss Bancroft Elementary!

It was so fun! I loved being busy, and having such great friends that I taught with.
We were the D Pod Divas.

We played pranks on each other.
We would pass notes via students about going to Jamba Juice at lunch.
We hung out on weekends.
It was perfect for me because Tyson was never home due to the long study hours of a medical student.

Here are some pictures of me with my kids, my classroom, and my friends.
I don't know how many of you read this, but I missed you guys today!

I just missed the people, the atmosphere, and fun of teaching today, but having said that, I would NEVER trade being a mom for teaching.
I love them and being a mom too much!

2 love notes:

jenny said...

you almost look young enough to be one of the students :) i love a good walk down memory lane. you could totally get back into teaching if you wanted in a few years when your kids are in school all day. and you get to use all your talents with your cute kiddos!

Kristyn said...

Didn't you teach kindergarten? Those kids looked so old!

I love going down memory lane every once in a while!