Sunday, December 12

Random Holiday Cheer

Hope the holiday cheer is seeping into your hearts! It sure is in our home.
The Christmas music is on ALL the time, thanks to Christmas radio on the computer.
The Scentsy candle is burning the midnight oil in Cloves & Cinnamon.
The tree is lit constantly, and sometimes the only lights on in the entire house.
Presents are wrapped and under the tree.
Tyson and I get to play Santa while the kids are at preschool!

Do you know what is better than Santa... Mrs. Claus, we love getting to see her at Disneyland, and she never has a line, and will tell Santa what you asked for and is cuter to look at.
I didn't smell her, but I bet she smells like gingerbread. :)

And if you have never been to Disneyland at Christmas, the petting zoo is where the reindeer stay all month until "go" time on Christmas Eve.

While we were at Disneyland, Pluto had nothing to do, so he sat and colored and played with the kids for at least 30 minutes. It was awesome. I am sure they think he is their BFF.

Good friends we love to hang with!

Merrick and Berkleigh have been getting up earlier than usual to go find our elf, Fintree. It is horrible and amazing all at the same time.
Day 10-12

And we watched a little Backyardigan Christmas Action on Netflix. Which is nothing to be bragging about, but those clothes that Berkleigh is wearing... totally worth bragging about.

Because we are waking up early, we are taking naps again. Merrick wanted to sleep in my room one afternoon, and this is how he slept when I went in to check on him... in the laundry basket?
(Sorry it's blurry. I was trying to take it without detection.)

We also had our annual ward Christmas party thrown by our neighbors. Kristy and Tom did an amazing job. We had a Cowboy Christmas, and the Tom took off work to smoke brisket all day long... it was worth it! It melted in my mouth. So yummy!
We dressed up in our Cowboy best. Berkleigh told me her rainboots where her cowboy boots. Whatever!

We can't forget Santa! They have seen him at least 7 times, and told him everytime that they want...
Berkleigh: doll with the long hair(Rapunzel) and pretty dresses(dress up clothes).
Merrick: dinosaurs, a dragon, and a spaceship.

The primary did a great Christmas program, and my kids weren't in it, but they will be in Primary in 3 weeks! Can you believe it!?? I can't!

Ok, that is enough Christmas cheer for one post!

2 love notes:

Emily said...

those are your Texas clothes, man I am so ashamed....jk!! LOVE the laundry basket!! I am so glad Ryan isn't waking up earlier to find his elf, Manny might just stay with Santa if that started to happen! Looks like you guys are having a great december, I bet your mom and dad can't wait to see you guys!

RaeAnn said...

AAAAhhhhhhh!!!! What else can I say???????

Love you guys!!!