Saturday, November 20

Wagon Wheel

My kids (and some of their friends) were enrolled in the HB city preschool. It was the cheapest preschool we could find, and we were all excited to have our kids enrolled together. It turned out to be not so good, so we all canceled (poor teachers didn't know what hit them when half the class didn't come back for the second session).

My friend Ginger and my new friend Nora decided to start a little class with our kids. We rotate every two weeks, and we all have degrees in teaching, so we might have gone a little overboard, but it is so fun.

Do you watch Modern Family? Do you remember the one about the preschools? Well, I was in charge of coming up with a name. So I did Wagon Wheel... hehe.

Anyways, here is our first week of preschool!
The theme was Fall Fun. We learned about the letter F and all things Fall!

This is where the magic happens.
We do the calendar, days of the week, patterns, weather, and counting when we do the calendar.

We have reading time.
They each made a mat with their name on it, and that is what they sit on for reading time and carpet time.

We have the Question of the Day.

We have Centers.
These are their center charts. They have to go to all 4 centers, and after they show me they have been to the centers and done their best work, they get a "re-usable" sticker to put on their chart.
(This was the biggest problem to me from their old preschool. They would play the whole time, and never do the learning centers, and who wants to pay for their kids to play? They do that all day for free.)
We have a Writing Center, ABC Center, Dramatic Play Center, and a Math Center.

In the ABC Center we:
had to be detectives and find all the "f"s around the house, and write an 'f' on their paper everytime they saw one.

The next day we played File Folder Games.

In the Writing Center we:
practiced our Fs by doing some rainbow writing!

In the Math Center:
we picked a card with a number on it, identified the number, looked on the wall and found the group of leaves that had that number, stood back, and threw a ball at that group of leaves.

and the next day we sorted leaves by size and shape.

In the Dramatic Play Center we:

played blocks and trains!

Then we have snack, music, and storytime and
Story time is linked with Learning activity.

In our Learning Activity we:
read Fall is not Easy and then had Leaf Races!
After we raced our leaves we got out the tape measure, and measured how far each leaf went and counted the numbers on the tape! It was so fun!

read Leaf Man and went outside found leaves and made Leaf Men.

In Art Time we:
water colored leaves one day and did leaf rubbings the next day!

Then it is play time!
It is really fun. The kids love each other, and get along SO well!
I am glad we started this and got out of that horrible preschool.

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Emily Curfew said...

i want my kid to be in your preschool

jenny said...

Um, can Kate come join your preschool? It's only a 7 hour commute...

Kristyn said...

amazing. i love it.

and i love that your kids can write their names! wow! thacks hates coloring at day we'll get it down!

p.s. you hate pie? what?!

RaeAnn said...

That looks like a lot of fun Jen!!! I knew you would do a much better job than the preschool.
Love ya!!

Susie Cozad said...

How adorable! You always do the cutest things!

Matt and Melody Odell said...

I am going to send my kids to the school of JS for K-12.

Erika said...

Everyone else has said it but I have to say it too...
you are too fun. What lucky kids you have to have you for a mom.

Kristin said...