Sunday, November 28

Thanksgiving 2010

Wow, have we been busy!! I have not been able to stop and rest since last Saturday!
Monday and Tuesday I taught preschool...
Monday was also our Stake Temple day, and Tyson and I went at 3pm. Then we went out to dinner with some friends, and then went to Disneyland with those friends until 11 pm. It was a marathon date! It was so much fun but I was so unprepared for preschool the next day!

Wednesday, we went down to Tyson's parents for Thanksgiving! We had lots of family and friends to hang out with! It was lots of fun.

We did the usual things, but without them they wouldn't be Thanksgiving!

Kickball and Breakfast Burritos in the park!

The adults played kickball and the kids played at the playground and made sand angels.

Then it was back to the house to prepare thankgiving dinner and hors d' oeuvres!

Then the eating began, along with the shooting..
I think sometimes people don't believe that this is an actual tradition, but it definitely is. Tyson's dad saves old soda from his work, and old light bulbs so we can shoot them in the backyard on Thanksgiving! Best tradition ever.

This year we shot...

And the gunmen/women...
I hate to brag, but I am quite the shot! :)

Then Thanksgiving dinner!
This year I was in charge of the table decorations because Mackenzie is on a mission...
so I made, with my neighbor, these cute little boats that we found on the PB kids website.
They turned out super cute, and we filled them with trail mix and candy corn. The number of candy corn in your boat was the number of things you had to say you were grateful for.
I also used my Giving Thanks candles that I made last year. I just really liked them!

And to end our wonderful Thankful month, we have our full Thanksgiving turkey. Thanks for participating. The kids loved getting your feathers in the mail.

On another note, we also took our family pictures by my friend/awesome photographer, Kim, (Stay tuned for those bad boys soon), and I went to Target for Black Friday shopping at 4 am to get the portable DVD player we have wanted forever!
This has been a busy month!

2 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Really cute table decorations Jen!!!
and fun family traditions!!! makes for a terrific Thanksgiving!!!
Love ya!!!

jenny said...

we got the target dvd player too! love it!