Saturday, November 20

Thanful Days Week 3

I must admit, that I was SOO busy this week! We didn't do all of our Thankful activities this week. We talked about what we were thankful for everyday.. but didn't get the activities done.
So, do I do them later? Nah, I don't have time... Here is what what we did though.

We are thankful for Prayer.
We said great thankful prayers!

We are thankful for Pie.
I don't like pie, but any excuse to make a treat!! We are down. We made cheesecake.

Don't judge, I said I was busy, so we made it from a box.
(Which was pretty good!)

We are thankful for our hands!
I counted our numerous art projects at preschool.

We are thankful for seasons.
We went on walks during preschool to find leaves.
That will have to do. :)

We are thankful for sister!
Merrick made Berkleigh's bed.

We are thankful for food.
We went to the grocery store and bought rice candy. You eat the wrapper and everything.
I had a roommate (love you michelle) who loved it, so I thought it was a perfect new food to try for the kids. They thought it was creepy eating the wrapper.

Can you tell who started teaching preschool this past week. I did! I was so busy. I have one more week, and then I am off for a month.
Stay tuned for a preschool post.

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