Sunday, November 28

My house smells...

like cinnamon, the heater is on (which smells like burning dust right now), I am bundled in my sweats, hoodie, and moccasins. The lights are dimmed and I can also smell a hint of pine...
We got our tree, and what an adventure it was....

We are leaving for my parents house in the middle of the month, so to make the tree worth it, we wanted to get it as soon as possible!

So we went to this quaint little tree lot called Home Depot... hehe
and I couldn't find one I liked. They all looked funny to me. I am picky about my trees.
Plus there were these crazy kids jumping on them all, so I wasn't excited to buy one that had been smashed by some teenager.
Tyson just wanted to pick one, but I wanted to leave to go to another Home Depot to find a different one. It didn't help that we went with our neighbors and they just grab a bundled one and go. (Awesome tradition, but I can't do that.)
As we were leaving, I got up the nerve to ask the tree guy if we could have the display.
He said yes! I love it.
It is beautiful!

We get home, start rearranging the furniture, set up our nativity, and the more we do, the more hyper the kids are getting...

They are running around in circles when Berkleigh trips over her feet (a daily occurance).
She falls to the ground and hits her head on the bookshelf. We tell her to get up, and when she does she has blood oozing down her face, and I mean OOZING.
When she moves her hand, this is what we see:
Are you kidding me!!!
The cut was SO deep, you could see her skull (which made me want to faint), it was bleeding, and WAY longer than Merrick's.

Oh yea! Don't you remember this? It must be a twin thing... Berkleigh must have been sad she wasn't going to have a scar like Merrick. She needed her own.

So off to the hospital we go. I was just praying it wasn't going to be the same doctor...
We get there, get right in, and lay around for a bit while the medicine kicked in.
Berks had to be put in a baby straight jacket to keep her from moving.

An hour later and 7 stitches later, we leave the ER.

We didn't get around to decorating the tree...
But that is ok,
"Afterall, tomorrow will be another day!"
(name that movie)

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Kristy said...

Happy Christmas! I love your tree (even if it did take you FOREVER to pick it out). He he just kidding

Jon and Becky said...'s "Tomorrow IS another day."
Was your husband frstrated that he didn't have the equipment to sew her up himself?

jenny said...

poor little Berkleigh! that looks like no fun for anyone! hope she's doing better!

Susan said...
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Susan said...

What a bummer for Berkleigh!! Christmas tree decorating is rough when you're 3. :)

(movie is GWTW)

RaeAnn said...

An hour wasn't too bad to have to wait at the ER and B looks like she did pretty good!!!
Your tree looks bigger this year....sorry that ours will be F.A.K.E.
Tell Berkleigh that we have been thinking about her!!!
Love ya!!

Baltzer Family said...

Ha. they are such twins. I love it

Sheryl said...

She cannot be left out...ouch!