Monday, September 27

Our Bed is Happy

My bed has a wish list. Doesn't yours? Lucky for it, and for me, our bed has been lucky enough to get what it wants.

On its wish list was this duvet from Anthropologie...
Unfortunately, I only had a gift card that could cover the duvet cover. which for some strange reason was 50% off, and not the {$$$} pricey Euro Pillow Shams or dust ruffle!

Then I found a dust ruffle that went on sale at the Anthropologie that matched, but didn't, which I love so I forked over the $10 for it. A steal right?

Still the Euro Shams have left our little bed sad and unfinished...

So to make our little bed happy, I decided to take the matter into our own hands! I took some vintage hankerchiefs that used to be my grandmas, and used them to make new Euro pillow shams for our bed.
Aren't these handkerchiefs amazing!

They turned out great! I love them, and more importantly our Bed is Happy!

2 love notes:

jenny said...

that's awesome your grandma kept those! i want to see a pic of the duvet and dust ruffle from further away to get the whole effect. looks great though!

Kristyn said...

nice work jen!! anthro would be jealous. :)