Monday, September 27

103 degrees

It is Monday, September 27!!!
So my question is, "Why was it 90 degrees yesterday and 103 today?"
I thought I was going to die.

What do you do when it is this hot and you don't have AC?

Here is what we did...
We went swimming at our friend's grandma's pool for 3 hours.
Then we came home, tried to nap, but it was 90 degrees in our house, so we went outside and played in a baby pool. We were outside from 11-5:30!

We enjoyed some mini ice cream cones.

Caught a breeze on the rope swing.

Then we had cold tubby time at 5:45, ate dinner and were off to bed! I love early bedtimes more than naps I think!

On Saturday, another HOT day, we went down to the beach. The tide was SOOO low. It was fun to walk out 100 yards more than normal and still have the water ONLY hit our ankles.

Ok, Summer, I know you are hangin' on, but we are ready for you to leave.

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Laura said...

try 111 degrees at our house! but lucky for us i do have ac, so we spent the entire day indoors. and we too did the beach on saturday and i loved the low tide. we found so many sea shells, it was awesome.

Sheryl said...

Okay 103 with no a/c is way too hot! It looks like you made the best of it still. That cold tubby time picture is super cute--LOVE it!

Sally said...

Sorry, I can't sympathize. I would trade your long, extended, hot summer for my frigid, depressing winter any day!

Kristyn said...

Our days on Monday were sooo similar! No AC, insaneley hot, beach. Loved and hated that day. :)

garcias said...

I am glad our 3+ weeks of triple digits are over, but you can't be a true Texan without a/c, so we didn't even know it got above 80! :)

RaeAnn said...

We were wondering how you were surviving the heat wave...that is weird that we were having a cold front of 80 degree weather while you were in the 100s!!!

Love the pumpkins too!!!
Love ya

Chelsea said...

great shots Jen! I think I need to come visit for another beach day- that looks soooo nice right now!!