Tuesday, September 14

My master plan...

So I have had a plan...

a master plan... and it finally came to fruition last Wednesday!

Here is how the plan went down:

FEBRUARY: my parents gave the twins money toward their annual passes for their birthday!

MARCH: my neighbor and I Gave a Day of Service... so I could get $76 off my annual pass.

JUNE: my pass expired, which needed to happen so we could get by on the Disney loophole. (Annual passholders were not allowed to get a free day, but ours were expired.. hehe)

APRIL-SEPTEMBER: We have saved and saved... because we had to buy 4 annual passes this year!
Yep, not so much fun when your kids turn 3... the age of paying!

SEPTEMBER 8, 2010: We saw the fruits of our labors! My friend Kristi and I packed up the kids and headed to Disneyland.

The twins were so excited to get their own passes!

We had so much fun because... the twins are now 40 inches!
So we headed to some big rides. It is like a whole new park now!

SEPTEMBER 9, 2010: We had so much fun on Wednesday, that we begged our other Kristy friend to come with us to get her pass.
We stayed another 7 hours!

SEPTEMBER 10, 2010
Tyson was still gone to his conference in San Diego, so we went again Friday night.
Three days in a row. Am I crazy! I think I just might be.

Bring on our weekly Disney Days!

3 love notes:

Erika said...

September 11, 2010 Johnson's renew their passes.
Fall 2010 we hang out at Disneyland!!

Emily said...

oh man so jealous-that sounds like a lot of fun!!

Anonymous said...

So fun! I am jealous! Isn't CA the best?! ;)