Saturday, September 11


Tyson has been at a conference in San Diego since Thursday, so what did I do?
Played Hard! Seriously, but that is another post.

His conference ended today, and I was getting anxious to have him home, so we set off for Dana Point to the Tall Ships Festival.

We stopped off and picked up some friends before we left and then picked up my sister in law Mackenzie. (I am trying to pack in lots of quality time with her before she leaves on her mission to Switzerland!)

We watched a pirate get captured by the "red coats (?)" and taken to the brig. Then in an exciting, yet very poorly acted scene, they prepared the noose, brought the pirate to the deck, and were about to hang him, when his fellow pirate mates, swung over the side of the ship and attacked the English. It was intense... hehe (Well for some at least!)

The fight about to start, Merrick preparing for the blasts.

The pirates took the ship and put up the Jolly Roger.

We hung out with shady people like this bloke!
He wanted the twins snacks. They gave him the evil eye, and he knew who was boss!

We met lots of strange pirates and got some tats.

We walked around the pirate village, met a rat, and learned how to let down the sails.

We played pirate games and watched a blacksmith make knives.

We had a smash buckling time.
I would go again just to get Merrick and Berkleigh to smile like this again!
(Notice, Merrick climbed to the top of the barrels and Berkleigh sat with her legs crossed on a lower barrel.)
So typical!

4 love notes:

jenny said...

cute activity, cute clothes, cute pictures!

RaeAnn said...

Love the smiley pictures of the twins!!! That could have been a Louisianan activity....during Contraband days we always have lots of pirate activities..including the mayor walking the plank!!!!
Love ya!

Love Bs hair!!!

Emily said...

that looks like a lot of fun! love the smiles!

Megan said...

priceless pics!