Tuesday, September 7

Labor Day Weekend

This is how we party, Labor Day Style...

Our weekend started off with a little Civil War Reenactment.
I was hesitant... but it was AWESOME!

I didn't know what it would be like, but when I saw all the white tents, bedrolls, canteens, kids toys, and guns, I knew this was gonna be good! They didn't leave out ANY details!

Merrick and Berkleigh were not ok with the noise level.

We obviously did not have the best seats in the house. This regiment came and stood in front of us for 1/4 of the reenactment.

Then some swimming with the in laws.

And a little neighborhood BBQ.

I am kinda done with the hot dogs and hamburgers. I feel like I have eaten lots this summer, so Tyson and I tried something different.
We grilled a pizza!

I have heard about it before, but had never tried it.
It was delicious, but it felt a little weird to be at a BBQ and eating pizza.
This will definitely be a family favorite.

How do you party?

5 love notes:

jenny said...

reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama. too funny!

Kristyn said...

Paul was reading over my shoulder, and started drooling over the reenactment. He's dying to know where it was.

And grilling pizza is one of our favorite dinners! So differnet and fun!

Susan said...

We went to the BEACH...Gulf Shores, Alabama!! Your brother was there, here's some of the story..I bet Jen will finish it up soon. (:

Emily said...

great pictures jen!! i would love to go to a reenactment! i want to see a picture of the dry cut hair!

SweetmamaK said...

I lvoe your blog, who knew the civil war was fought in CA!