Tuesday, September 7

First time for everything...

Berkleigh got her hair cut! I mean, a real cut. Her bangs were cut one unfortunate day a year and a half ago, but her HAIR has never been cut. I was brushing it out after bath, and I thought, you know, I could cut it. I don't have to pay $16 to get it cut somewhere.

So I asked. Usually she says no, but we both seemed to be in the mood.
So I chopped 4 inches off.

I love it. She loves it.

I wonder sometimes why I didn't cut it sooner. Her hair looks SO much more healthy.
She still looks like a rag-a-muffin though cause I DO NOT know how to manage curls.

To celebrate new hair, we played "snowballs" (watch Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs for reference)
with a new Costco size box of toilet paper I hadn't put away yet... I mean, it had been sitting on our living room floor for 4 day.

2 love notes:

jenny said...

cute! i don't know how to manage kate's curl either so let me know if you ever figure it out!

Sally said...

Violet got her first haircut the other day, too. By Alma. It looks like a really bad Imo cut. Or good one, depending on if you're Imo or not, I guess. Berkleigh's looks great. She's got fantastic hair. Now you just have to get her to pay you $16!

P.S. I enjoyed your summer in books.