Sunday, September 5

Final Day

September 3, 2010 was day 75 of our summer fun! We read 75 books and did 75 activities. It was a lot of fun.
Friday, I let the kids read their favorite book, they chose all their favorite activities. Which is really funny to see what they want to do when you aren't trying to sway them to any one thing.
This time, the activities had nothing to do with each other, but it was fun to just play with my kids, and to do our favorite things!

We read our favorite books.
I was happy they picked these. We were going to go pick blueberries and read Blueberries for Sal, but it was too faraway. I couldn't justify going that far for a little bucket of blueberries...

We had a puppet show.

We played "shadows".

We played Mulan.

We had a picnic in the living room.

We colored an awesome picture for dad on the easel.
Merrick is drawing the sun and Berkleigh is drawing the grass.

I am so in love with Merrick's sun he drew! He drew a smiley face on it after this picture was taken!

Merrick's purple flower (or crab) and Berkleigh's red flower!

We had lots of fun this summer! I can't believe it is over. As I right, the cool breeze is coming through my window. It smells like Fall! I am SOO excited.

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Emily said...

i can't believe it is over already!! i had fun living vicariously through you and your books!! the kids are such good artists!!

Kristyn said...

Nooo! I can't believe you're done! I still have a couple that I was dying to do, so I'm going to finish those off. But no promises though. I got a little overwhelmed with some other things going on and took an informal hiatus - my hat goes off to you for being so diligent and keeping up with them!

I know of at least one friend of mine that added you to their reader after I linked you on my blog. And I have 2 different friends that did a few book activities from this idea. I love what an impact you've had! Things like this make me totally glad for blogging. What a fun summer!

PS I'm so impressed with your kids' drawings!

dkeaquinto said...

This is such a fun thing to do! I've loved every single one of your posts. Your kids are lucky to have you as their mom. Keep the inspiration coming!

Erika said...

Thanks so much for your awesome Summer! We really appreciated all your ideas, motivation, and pictures!
Thanks for being so awesome!!

Autumn said...