Sunday, August 1

Two Days of Fun

Friday we read
and played with markers on the mirror. It was so much fun. The kids loved it. The book was a hit! I loved this book when I was little, but I didn't know about my kids. They didn't want to give it back to the library today when they were due!

Today we read

Berkleigh LOVES Fancy Nancy! I love Fancy Nancy! She is so cute! Well, in the book Fancy Nancy gives her family "Fancy Lessons". She teaches them to drink with their pinkie up, cross their legs, say Bonjour instead of Hello, because those things are more fancy. Then she takes her family to the Ice Cream Parlor to practice.

So... we went to this awesome Han's Homemade Ice Cream Parlor in Santa Ana. I think we hit the jackpot. It was SOO good. They make their ice cream on site, you can watch them make it through a window and it has wood paneling. It was SOO cute.

Merrick wanted nothing to do with the camera. He just wanted to eat ice cream!
Yum Yum!

5 love notes:

Emily said...

love both of those books!!! the ice cream sounds fabulous!

Kristy said...

Isn't Hans so good? Tom and I used to go there all the time when we lived in Costa Mesa. I don't even know why we stopped going. Maybe because then we would have to share? We will have to go back together!

jenny said...

Kate loves Fancy Nancy too. That ice cream shop sounds delish. Did you use dry erase markers on the mirror or regular ones? Did they wash off easily?

Emily Curfew said...

fancy nancy is one of my favorite books!! i need to read the rest of the series.

Kristyn said...

I looove Fancy Nancy!! I bought it for my niece for Xmas. I got into the book from Alyson, who got into it from you?

Hey, I am LOVING these fun little days! Thanks for letting me steal your idea. I've had 2 friends jump on the bandwagon and do it as well. Just had to say you've had a snowball effect, how cool is that?