Sunday, August 1

Inch by Inch

We love Leo Lionni. He writes great books. This one is a favorite... probably because it has a flamingo in it.

A little inch worm is almost eaten by a Robin, but the inchworm gets out of it because he knows how to measure. He gets taken to all different kinds of birds to measure their legs, tails etc.

So I "drew" not very well, but yes, I drew a LIFE size giraffe, hippo head, hummingbird, flamingo neck, and a lion leap.

I did some research as to how far a lion can leap (35 ft), how tall a giraffe is (17 ft), how wide a hippo can open its mouth (4 ft), how big a baby hummingbird is (1 in), and how long a flamingo neck is (17 in).

Then we measured with different parts of our bodies. It takes 34 Merrick and Berkleigh feet to make the length of a giraffe...

It takes 2 BIG Merrick and Berkleigh steps to span a Hippos open mouth!

It takes 15 big Merrick and Berkleigh jumps to jump one lion jump!

Less than one Merrick and Berkleigh foot to make a baby hummingbird.

And it took 4 Merrick and Berkleigh feet to measure a flamingo neck.

They had lots of fun!

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Love all of your drawings.
That looks like lots of fun!!
Love ya!!

Kristyn said...

I don't know what you're talking about - the giraffe looks better than anything even Bert could have drawn on the sidewalk with Mary Poppins! :) This was super cute!

Emily said...

so cute, so nice that you can enjoy the outdoors all summer long!!