Thursday, July 29

When Dinosaurs Came with Everything

Cute cute book.

We went down close to my in-laws house in Laguna Hills to the most beautiful park. It was so well planned... which was probably partly my father-in-law's doing. He is on the City Council.

Anyways, it was gorgeous and fun, and I felt like Fall was right around the corner! Today was a gorgeous day.

There were some crazy slides. I mean, Merrick shot out of it like a cannon ball.

Dinosaur tracks everywhere! Caves, tunnels, bridges and GLORIOUS shade! What a beautiful park!

We also got to spend our WHOLE ENTIRE morning with these cute girlies! We love when you come!

3 love notes:

Emily said...

what a fabulous park, i will have to check it out next i visit my grandma!

Amy said...

We LOVE that park! We go to it at least once a week!!

Erika said...

WE love that park! How fun.