Tuesday, August 31


and Sunday...
Saturday we took our free Whale Watching tickets and went again because Tyson would not be able to go any weekend in September. What a blast! We saw 4 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale, a pod of dolphins and a couple of seals.

It was so cool to see the whales, but as you can tell by the pictures they look like huge rocks with water coming out the top! The dolphins are almost more fun to see because they play!

We did see one whale fluke though!
(Obviously not my picture! We were not that close, and I didn't get my camera up in time for the beautiful sight.)

Here were the whales we saw!

and this is a pretty small fish, but Tyson can fish anywhere!

After whale watching we came home and went to our wards Potato Car Races. It was so fun!

2 love notes:

Kristyn said...

A potato car race!! SO COOL. Can I steal that? You are a plethora of fun activities. I love it.

And PS, we've gone on a glass bottom boat a couple of times out in Morro Bay, and it was nothing like what you guys saw. Those whales were sweet!

Michelle said...

That is so awesome! That would be really neat to see. I also think the Potato Car Races sound so fun!