Thursday, September 2

Homer Price and Water

This book is a little older for the twins, so we just looked at the pictures and I "told" them the story of Homer Price. I loved this book when I was growing up!

After we read the book, we drove down to Krispie Kreme, to see the donuts being made and get a free sample.

Unfortunately the machine was broken, so we will be going again soon, but it was still fun!

On Tuesday we headed over to the Sigler Splash pad after reading this book.

I love this place because there are benches to sit on and it is gated so the kids can't get out.
My kids, not so much. I mean, they love it, but on Tuesday they just didn't want to get wet!
Take a look for yourself...

Really? Doesn't this place look fun to you?

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Erika said...

I took Scotty to that splash pad about a month and a half ago and he totally was not interested in getting wet either. lol. He walked the entire perimeter hanging on to the blue fence, trying to stay dry. Hilarious