Sunday, August 29

Knuffle Bunny

This is one of the first days I thought of when deciding to do this Summer of Books! I put it towards the end of the summer so I could have something to look forward too. We love this book. Again, it is a Mo Willems book, he also wrote "Don't let the Pigeon Drive the Bus".
We had so much fun on Thursday, reading this book, taking our favorite blankets and stuffed animals to the Laundomat to clean them up a bit.

(Lame, I know, that I have to tell you this, but in the book the illustrations are black and white photographs with draw characters. I love it, so I tried to recreate it with my photos, I kept the twins in color and made the background black and white... told you cause you can't really tell!)

With our dirty monkeys and blankets!

Goofing off!

The machines!

Preparing the wash!

Ready to be cleaned!

While drying we...
had cart races, pushed lots of buttons, and climbed in and out of the washers and dryers.
We were the only ones in there, so I let them go crazy!

We even stopped the fun to watch our friends in the spin cycle!

Finally clean!

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tiff said...

You photo trick isn't lame;I think it looks cool.

And I love the sock monkeys. I have red and turquoise pajama pants with sock monkeys all over them. (I knew you'd appreciate the color scheme.)

I saw the cutest elephant and donkey made from the same socks on a blog somewhere. Love. Did you make the twins' monkeys?

Anonymous said...

Jen, I love this one!! Way to go with the special effects! :)

Kristyn said...

The above was from me!

Sheryl said...

LOVE that book (we read it almost everyday)...and your pics are cute!! What a fun idea.

jenny said...

cute idea! that's the nicest looking laundromat i've ever seen!

Emily Curfew said...

i love these photos. i wanna do a photo shoot with pearce there when she gets older!!

RaeAnn said...

Love the black and white photos, Jen!! All the pictures are super cute!!!
Love Ya

Michelle said...

What a great idea! I bet the kids loved it. I also have to agree that your black and white picture turned out great.
And YES! We'd LOVE to have more visitors! Are you thinking about heading this way?!! We would love it!!!!!

Megan said...

Jen!!! This is one of our FAVORITE books. In fact, the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts just created the musical version of Knuffle Bunny and I am brining it to Utah! We are so excited to see Trixie, her Dad, Mom and the laundromat live on stage. Wahoo. Your pics. are so cute. What a perfect activity.