Monday, June 21

Daddy's Day

Sometimes I don't know what to get Tyson for these little holidays. We want him to know how much we appreciate him, but I don't want to go OVERBOARD...

Well, this Father's Day, Tyson was really appreciated! My friend Michelle makes ties for her husband every year! They are hilarious. I loved the idea so a couple friends and I got together and made some! They are AWESOME!

You can't leave out the grandpas! I love that my father in law and my dad wore their ties to church with pride. What fun grandpas!

Here is an up and close look at the ties...

We had so much fun making them, and I think the guys liked wearing them!

We love our dads. They are the greatest!

3 love notes:

mackenzie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this whole post! Dad and tyson look great! so does jen's dad! creative idea. :)

can't wait for cameron to be a daddy too.
happy father's dad to one and all!!!!

Sheryl said...

Those are AWESOME!! Love the ties.

Emily Curfew said...

lucky grandpas got em too?!! nice