Sunday, May 9


To start, this will not be as cute as Jen's normal posts because I (her husband) am doing it.

Today we woke MOM up

She then proceeded to the table where she found;

Fresh handmade cards that the kids made, And a nice card from Ashleigh
Fresh flowers from the neighborhood
Fresh grapefruit with sugar
From May 10

We did all this because we LOVE our wonderful MOM and also,

We know that she hate breakfast in bed because it gets crumbs everywhere and messes up the sheets.
Because for Mom, handmade cards are better than any store bought (believe me I looked).
Because taking the neighborhood flowers is an adventure and kind of a rush not to get caught with the loud kids in tow
Because Grapefruit is her favorite breakfast (especially when I cut the wedges), and we know she is not a big breakfast person (yes I have told her it is the most important meal of the day.)
I hope Mom enjoys the new clothes she bought because we know anything Dad buys goes back for store credit.
What we also know is MOM is the best in the World and we love her,
Thanks for being the best,
Merrick, Berkleigh, and Dad

3 love notes:

Brianna and Tyson Smith said...

Happy Mothers Day Jen! And great post Tyson! Love you!

Sheryl said...

That is a great post Tyson--well done. Happy Mother's Day Jen.

Emily C said...

i love that tyson picked his own flowers. love that. i've been so tempted to do it around here... i think i just might now! hope you had a fantastic mothers day. you deserve it. you're super mom!!