Sunday, May 9

How lucky

I am to have this mother...

Note this is not my baby, but it is a great picture of my mom. :)

Oh, how I wish I could spend the day with her.

She is a great example to me. If I do anything right as a mom it is because I am following the example my she set for me to follow.

I wrote this post about her for her 50th birthday. I hate to reuse, but there is a lot of good stuff in it! :)

I love you mom! Sorry I am lame, and didn't get your present off yet. You just need to live closer so I don't have to worry about that. :)

You see, I try to make her awesome things, because she is SUPER creative. I have the best intentions, but it takes me awhile to pull through. Not one of my best traits, and not something I got from my mom.

And who can forget my mother in law! How did I get so lucky again. Some people have a hard time with their inlaws. I LOVE mine! I don't think they could be any better. Really..
Another great example for me to follow, no wonder I am turning out to be such a fantastic mother. :) hehe.

I love this picture of my mother in law cause we were spontaneous one day, and she came along!

Happy Mothers Day!

3 love notes:

Matthew said...

Happy mothers day MOM!!!!! thanks for making us the best kids ever!!

we love you

and happy mothers day to you to Jen!!!

gwen said...

Jen, Great tribute to your mom. She really is a sweetheart! Your blog is still one of my favs and I check it all the time! The kiddos are getting so big, they are SO cute.

McGraths said...

Those strawberry fields are 10 minutes away from our new house. Call me if you go again and we'll meet up!!!