Wednesday, December 9


We were down on the ground playing waiting for Tyson to come home...

Merrick roared at Berkleigh.
She jumped on my lap.

I asked: "It was just Merrick! Are you a scaredy cat?"
Berkleigh: "Yea, I scared a cats! Are you scared a dogs? And Merrick scared a cars."

I thought it was cute.

And because every post should have a picture...

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garcias said...

That is cute! I love how kids minds work.

I have to tell you something funny too. The other day I had a dream about you. In my dream you made some super cute eatable craft thing. Anyway somehow, (remember it is a dream) I challenged you and said I could make something cuter, so I spent the next three hours of my sleep trying to think of something cuter. :) Well I couldn't. So I guess you win. :)

Thanks for wasting my precious sleep. JK!!! I just thought it was really funny.

Laura said...

i just LOVE this age (don't we always say that about every age). I swear the funniest things come out kids mouths on a daily basis. I try so hard to jot down on all the things chase says so i never forget it. and p.s. i love the family pics you guys took.

Jessica said...

I love love love her BIG personality. Miss you guys.

Sorensen Family said...

Hey Jen, we need your address, if you please! Looks like things are going great as usual for you Scots!