Friday, December 11

what i love...

I love my children.

I love white Christmas lights.

I love that when Merrick wakes up in the morning he has to plug in the Christmas tree lights and then find our elf.

So I love watching the twins look at the tree. I love seeing the reflection of the lights in their eyes.

That is a perfect moment.

3 love notes:

Laura said...

i love that too. chase has to plug all of our lights in every morning too. and as much as i am not too happy about having him working the outlets, he is so proud of himself and loves the lights. ahhh, christmas is better with kids.

Shari said...

I love that too! I remember noticing the tree lights sparkle in Kate's eyes during her very first Christmas--it seems so long ago now. In fact, I thought the lights were more beautiful as twinkles in her eyes then they even were on our tree.

We've given up using a timer on our Christmas tree. (Yes, we had one.) The kids want the lights on all day long, from the moment they're awake until they're in bed. This is why we chose to support LED lights this year.

Megan said...

I love...Jen's blog. It is my favorite thing to look at right before I go to bed. It gives me sweet dreams :) Thanks, Jen. You're the best!