Monday, December 7

"I know that sil-you-wet anywhere... it Mary Poppins!"

We had quite the surprise this past week, Tyson and each received this email on Thursday:

Tyson and Jen,
You have tickets to see Mary Poppins this Saturday at the 8:00pm performance. Orchestra, 11th row. Should be great seats.
Tickets arrive in my office, tomorrow. We can give them to you when you drop off the kids on Saturday.
Happy Birthdays!
Craig and Jackie

How exciting is that! So Tyson and I got all dolled up, dropped the kids off, and headed for LA for a date... and actual date!

Outside the Ahmansen theater...

Walking around before the performance...

We ate at this little hole in the wall Taco place. It was scrumptious, cheap and perfect! We ate outside by the fountain and Christmas tree. It was perfect!

I am obsessed with Mary Poppins. I love everything about the movie, Julie Andrews, and Dick Van Dyke. I had heard great things about the play, and it exceeded my expectations! It is the best play I have ever seen...

We got to meet Bert after the performance, and Tyson bought me a souvenir for a Christmas present... can you guess what it could be?

Thanks Craig and Jackie! That was a perfect way to celebrate our birthdays. Thanks you! Thank you! Thank you!

(Note, my birthday is in May, but in May my in laws got me a ticket to see No Doubt with my sister in law, but it was during my family reunion in Utah... so they got me a ticket for Mary Poppins instead.)

5 love notes:

Jessica said...

FUN! I've heard it was amazing...but now that I'm thinking of it, I think you told me that.
PS I love your fam pics, I can't get over them.

jenny said...

what a perfect present for you! looks like a fun time.

mackenzie said...

what a great date and great gift! :) im so happy you guys saw it. we saw it in NY. my fav part is the super cali... etc. and how they did all the hand motion/gestures to represent each letter. way creative.

did they do that at your performance too??
so cool. lucky ducks you are :)

Lou Ellen said...

Hey, saw Mary Poppins in Houston, great. Also, met some girl/boy twins today and their names were Brooks & Berkley - thought of you guys.

I'm Jen Sorensen's aunt Lou Ellen, fyi.

Russman said...

Kudos...that main pic with the frame is awesome!!