Tuesday, October 27


It is cooler today.

Cooler days makes me want to bake.

Hence, the pumpkin spice cookies. (My friend Chelsea's recipe)

I love these cookies because they require 3 ingredients:
Spice cake: Which is super hard to find.
Chocolate Chips and
Pumpkin Puree: which by the sounds of it, I could have made money on that sucker if I sold it on ebay. Who thought the nation would have a pumpkin puree shortage?

We put on our aprons, and we are ready to cook...

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4 love notes:

thegreatscotts said...

Doesn't Merrick look like some Samalia kid eating his frist piece of bread ration after the apartide has ended and the surplus storage compartments have opened-tyson

Laura said...

yum is right...we make lots of cookies around here and i will have to try those. i am all for only 3 ingredients...but hopefully i can find the pumpkin!

Taylors said...

yay!! I have all the ingredients! I am making these tonight.

btw, I think I've guessed what the kids are going to be...peter pan and tinkerbell??

jenny said...

ooh i think tara hit it spot on with the costumes! can't wait to see!

i looove these cookies. we have seriously made and eaten like 5 batches this season (i will never again have a baby right before the holidays, too hard to stay away from the treats).