Monday, October 26

Bats, Cats, Spiders

The other day we went to the OC Zoo for their "Bats, Cats, and Spiders" event. Umm, if you like fake bats... cats... and spiders than it is the perfect place for you! Being a zoo we thought they would have really ones, but alas they did not.

It was still fun to be with friends and the bear was out!

Saturday we had our 2nd annual Pumpkin Carving Party put on by these guys...

I loved it, cause I didn't touch a pumpkin...
these surgeon hands did, and thus that steady hand gave us one spooky Jack Skellington!

Yummy snacks, pizza, and good friends= perfect night!

And for kicks... M & B are loving the dressing up this year. They are way more fun this year! Here is Merrick wearing his friend, Dallin's, 6-12 month Monkey Costume... with his last year's pirate costume hidden underneath. Do you see how sweaty he is?

Happy Haunting!

3 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Nice job on the pumpkin Tyson!!!
Can you come out and carve one for us too!!!!
Love ya!!

mackenzie said...

Ahahah merrick's face and body language and costume is cracking me up! such cute kids jen!!

p.s. here is a shout out to the DR. TYSON SCOTT. way to have steady surgeon hands. your my hero

Amy said...

We did Boo at the Zoo last year, and yep, it was a major let down.... oh well, like you said it's still fun to get out with friends!