Wednesday, October 28

Friends from the Bay

My friend Tara made me this banner for the blog. Isn't it cool. I love the ghosts of Merrick and Berkleigh creeping up the walk! Thanks Tara!

My friend Jenny came down for a week. We were gone to Utah for most of the week, but we did get to hang out a couple times.
Jenny is my friend that I was pregnant with. She was due 3 weeks before me, and I had the twins on her due date. She had to suffer through ANOTHER ENTIRE week before Kate was born.

Here we are at a pumpkin patch while 4-5 months pregnant.

I love that I look pregnant, and she is trying to push her stomach out. hehe...

Here they are at Yogurt land a couple weeks ago for a snack date.

Here they are at their first play date ever.

Here they are at a play date somewhere in the middle of millions while we lived up there.

Miss you guys!

7 love notes:

Jessica said...

I can't decide if Merrick is happy or sad.
Wow it really hit me when I see them all 'grown up' together. I am missing so much of their lives... do they ask about me?

Sheryl said...

The banner is awesome. Love the pics of the kiddos growing up.

Sheryl said...

I think our kids are going to be the same thing for halloween--except your costume is cool and homemade miss crafty.

jenny said...

aww the little baby pictures make me sad-- they are so old now! it was so fun to get together with you guys last week and see them all together again! i love that in the preggo picture at the time i thought i looked SO pregnant. ha.

nice job on the banner tara!

Taylors said...

yay, I'm glad you like it!

ecuakim said...

the banner is creeping me out!

Brandon and Kim Waldron said...

Love your header, so creative and fun! {especially the little ghost twins}.. You better believe I'm stocking your blog right now waiting for some diet coke pics, my mom is a diet coker and can't wait to see ;)