Thursday, October 22

today, yesterday, and the day before

TODAY: We went with some friends to Tanaka Farms for a tractor ride, petting zoo, and pumpkin picking extravaganza.

The goats cracked us up! Seriously entertaining. I have never stayed that long in a petting zoo!

Most of the kids that went with us minus, the 6 or so... This picture cracks me up cause all the kids are looking at their respective jumping moms behind the cameras. :) or like mine, and just refuse to look at the camera.

YESTERDAY: We made bone breadsticks. They were good, except I didn't realize I bought garlic breadsticks. Don't get me wrong, I love breadsticks and I love garlic, but when I opened that refrigerator can of biscuits the garlic burned my nose hairs off. They were a little strong.

I love the "blood" coming off Addison's face in this picture, as she gnaws on some bone.


Had FHE on Tuesday, with a story about Sammy the Scarecrow. Thanks for these classics mom, they are coming in handy! Oh, and anyone want to start an FHE lesson group?

Worked on MONSTER puzzles that grandma and grandpa sent us! I thought the puzzles would be too advanced, but Merrick and Berkleigh do very well with them!

And that is that. Happy October.

7 love notes:

Jon and Becky said...

I wish I could do an FHE lesson exchange with you! Stupid land between CA and MO

jenny said...

the goats just jump up on you? i would have run away screaming. B looks sp cute in those leggings.

Laura said...

i couldn't do an exchange with you, obviously, but i would love to see some of your ideas, or where you get your material from.

Emily C said...

great pictures at the farm, Jen!

Amy said...

We loved Tanaka! I love how M picked the pumpkin with warts on it!
Hey I am doing dland next week sometime (the kids get out of school at 12:30 tues, wed, and no school thurs fri) We should hook up- it's been forever!!

Chelsea said...

I wanna make "bone" breadsticks now- what a cute idea!!! I love the pumpkins at that place- they look like the storybook Cinderella ones :)

RaeAnn said...

Is Merricks hair reflecting off the pumpkins or did you die it red? It is really turning a nice fall color!!
I love Berkleighs tights!!! So cute!!!
Love ya!!

Did you love the nuts and candy corn mix? It is seriously my new favorite snack!!