Wednesday, October 21

A little fun before the sick hit

Yesterday was lovely...

it was filled with :

preschool (by myself for 2 hours!)

grocery shopping (what happens when I am alone, and that is why it was lovely)

making these adorable haunted houses

(I love when I just have the ingredients... and some nasty Halloween candy to get rid of without having to eat it!)
Merrick is actually saying, "the ghost of the forest" in this picture... it is from one of our Halloween books.

Berkleigh wanted some pictures of hers..

the front with a ghost:

the side equipped with a graveyard:

the back with a darling pumpkin patch: (ok, so the pumpkin patch was my idea..)

and going to ANOTHER pumpkin patch!

and... then.... the.... stomach.flu.hit. I am on amends though! Thanks Kristy and Megan for making my day easier.

4 love notes:

RaeAnn said...

Super cute little haunted mansions!!
Love the pumpkin patch even if it is your idea. Is Berkleigh kissing her ghost? So Cute!!! Love the ghost too!!!
Love ya!!

Feel better soon!!

Emily C said...

love the haunted candy houses

Maren B said...

You are the funnest mom I know. I wish my kid had a mom as fun as you. Her mom just sits around doing her own thing while the kid plays by herself half the time.

tiff said...

Jen- I love your banner! Do you design your own or hire it out?