Thursday, September 24


Merrick is a crazy little guy.
He definitely takes after his dad.
He gets in all kinds of mischief, and is a very accomplished climber.

He has the most incredible laugh.
He is a snuggle bug.
He likes having his blankets tucked around him and a song sung to him while you try and cram in his toddler bed with him.

He L-O-V-E-S pirates.

He loves swords.
He loves to EAT. The kid can pack it in!

He loves guns.

(I swear I didn't teach him this stuff.)

He loves to watch shows and is OBSESSED with Wall-E.
I used to like that movie...

He takes care of Berkleigh, and always acts the part of older brother. One day in the car, Berkleigh had had enough errand running. She was "fake" crying and calling my name. Merrick looked over at her and said, "Bertee stop crying, Mommy right der." She stopped, and I silently thanked him.

He can be very stubborn! He saw a witch hat at JoAnn's the other day, and my friend and I counted how many times he "fake" cried and said the word "witch hat". Drumroll... 78 times! It was utterly amazing... thats how I keep my self sane folk, you know, when naptime is upon us, and I need to get my errands done.

Merrick is a great brother, a great son, and a great friend.

6 love notes:

Jessica said...

Those dimples are killing me. I love that he calls her bertee.

jenny said...

Merrick was a crazy climber even a year and a half ago! i can't imagine what he can do now...

RaeAnn said...

Merrick is just getting more and more handsome!!! Love the red hair!!!
Love ya!!!

Chelsea said...

He is so cute, but can I say he is looking more and more handsome with every picture I see. It is so crazy now that I have a boy, I can really see the difference in how ACTIVE they are! Its crazy!

Jen and Chris said...

Merrick, you're my favorite you.

mackenzie said...

i hope someday i have kids as cute as merrick. i LOVE the one with tyson's surgery cap and the gun. classic. looks like a mini tyson in progress. i love that little guy.
and that story about being in the car and calming berkleigh down, almost shed a tear. love this kid