Tuesday, September 22

Berkleigh (a year later)

A LOOOONG time ago, I wrote this post and this post about the twins...

I have been saving up ammo..

Are you ready?

Berkleigh has THE best facial expressions, she is very outgoing unless she doesn't know you very well, she laughs
at herself, is super quirky, she had a beautiful smile, she isn't adventurous as she used to be, and definitely not as coordinated as her brother.

She loves to be pampered.
She loves her "pretty toes", and loves her hair done.
She sings to herself in the mirror, and can't be even a couple minutes without her blanket.
She loves to snuggle, and loves to make others laugh.
If she could, she would watch Peter Pan ALL day.
She wants her purple pretty dress on all day, every day!
She sings, "Once Upon a Dream" song multiple times a day.
She loves her thumb. She tells me everyday, "Mom, I sut my fumb."
She is very social. She loves her friends and always wants to play with them. I catch her numerous times a day,
calling out the door for "Addison".
She is a great sister, a great daughter, and a good friend, oh, and a great babysitter for Dallin. She
is to grown up!!!

9 love notes:

Kristy said...

She is just too cute! I still need to send you the picture of Berkleigh holding Dallin's hand in the car ride home from Dland So cute!

Emily said...

i love love love the last picture of berkleigh!! so stinking cute!!!

RaeAnn said...

Super cute Jen!!! I remember when you used to smile just like that!!!
Love ya!!

jenny said...

so darling. we are coming down there 2 weekends in october, we will have to get these kids together!

Jon and Becky said...

She is super cute.
Hey Jen, I was trying to find the XOXO that you made for your mantle...I think it was you at least. Do you know what month/year you posted that? I'm making a Christman JOY for our wall and wanted to look at yours again for inspiration.

Sheryl and Ian said...

What a darling girl--love the last pic especially.

Jon and Becky said...

Why did you take it down? You're so crafty. You inspire me.
My e-mail is:
bectolman at hotmail
and yes, I chose JOY because it was only 3 letters, plus it's a good word.
Thank you!

Chelsea said...

She SOOO reminds me of Cam. Dressing up, singing, and totally outgoing. he singing never stops by the way :)

I love the picture of her all dressed up pushing her baby!

what a cutie-pie!

Jen and Chris said...

Show Berk a picture of us and tell her we love her, so she won't forget us....