Saturday, September 26


I now I shouldn't complain. I don't live in a REALLY hot place, but when it is 92 degrees by 10 am, and you don't have an air conditioner... you know it will be a hot day.

So instead of sweat our weight away indoors, we went with a friend to Mother's Beach.

Sitting in the shade, a little ocean breeze, and good conversation goes along way.


2 love notes:

Megan Bowen said...

I CANNOT believe that you went without me. We are fighting :)

Amy said...

I need to go to this beach! Everyone talks about it! I can't wait for weather to cool off a little!

We haven't hooked up at dland forever!! We should go! They have it all decked out with Fall time decorations now! aahhh my favorite time of the year to be there!