Sunday, August 2

Road Trip

We are leaving in the trusty Pilot for a week long trip to the great state of Utah. If you live there... call us and we can try and see you.

The Scott family version of the "license plate" game:
I found pictures of all the cars from the movie Cars (which the twins are obsessed with), and when we drive if we see one of them we will mark it off! We saw a Hudson last night, and you can see a Fillmore about 100 times before you leave HB... I was pretty proud of myself for thinking that up! 

The Scott Children and thus Parents Survival Kit:

Along with these things:
I created a flannel board in the car to do stories on, we have a dvd player, we have file folder games, a kite and skateboards if we need to make a rest stop, crafts, and toys.

Makes for a great trip! We hope!

Oh, and you always want new clothes for a vacation, right?
So I made these two shirts out of old long sleeved shirts. Tutorial here.
From Aug 09

Aren't they anthropologie-ish and AWESOME!

Stay tuned for more fun days... we have lots planned for our trip! 

See ya in a week.

5 love notes:

mackenzie said...

Jen - you are my idol. 'nough said.

Taylors said...

seriously I wish you guys still lived here so we could craft together. you are really good about seeing it and doing it right then. I've had that tutorial saved on my computer craft list along with like 75 other things. hope you have fun in UT!

Sheryl and Ian said...

Those shirts are amazing! Have fun on your drive--looks like you're well prepared.

jenny said...

cute shirts! have a fun trip!

Amy said...

cute shirts!! I might have to break out the sewing machine for this one!