Saturday, August 1

The USS Benfold

Day 40 took us to the Seal Beach Navy Weapons Station, which opened its doors to the public today because the Guided Missile Destroyer USS Benfold came in for a brief service call. 
They have tours today and tomorrow from 10-3pm to go get on board and see this destroyer. 
I think it is a pretty rare opportunity to go on an active destroyer and see its crew.

While waiting to get on the ship, they had smaller war vehicles to look at...

One of the Naval officers asked if I wanted to try on his helmet and vest... heck yes, I did!

Tyson and Merrick sat in the cockpit of the helicopter and pushed buttons.. .good thing the key wasn't in the ignition.. (Do helicopters have keys?)

Berkleigh and I jumped too..

The Scott Captian and Crew

Missiles and Guns...

This fun day has not ended... Second installment coming soon (And Tyson isn't on call, so there is no stopping us today!)

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