Monday, August 10

Family Vacation 09 : Days 41-48

We had such a blast! The kids were WONDERFUL in the car, and we saw so many people we love! I told myself I could only show 3 pictures for each day... lets see if I can do it. :)

Day 41: We drove from Huntington Beach to Las Vegas. We stayed at the Palace Station, went down and watched the pirate show at Treasure Island and crashed.

Day 42: We left Las Vegas and drove to St. George where we ate at Cafe Rio, played in this splash pad area, went to see the St. George temple ("Mom, isatemple!"), then left St. George for Manti where we feed grandpa's chickens, looked for eggs in the chicken coop.

Day 43-44: Left Manti and headed back down to Cedar City for the Sorensen Family Reunion. We played with cousins, watched my talented Uncle Cliff perform his famous magic tricks, made bracelets and hats, played volleyball, played pirates dice, hiked to a tunnel cave and to Zions, and chatted it up with my fav cousins!

Day 45: We left Cedar City and went back to Manti. We went to the Ephraim airport to see my grandpa's airplanes.. yes that is correct he has two. They were in heaven... We also went to the park, and Uncle Chris taught the twins the way of the teeter tauter (sp?). 

Day 46: Tyson stayed with the twins cause he was super sick, and the rest of us went to the Manti temple. I got to do EVERY ordinance for my grandma... it was awesome. While I was gone, Tyson took the kids fishing. Then we left Manti and drove to Provo where we ate at Kneaders, played around in the Eyring Science Center, walked around campus,  bought chocolate covered cinnamon bears (the best), and Tyson fly fished the Provo River. We then left Provo, and drove to Fruit Heights to visit my sis in law Megan, and family. We stayed up late eating oreos in their gazebo... yum.

Day 47: We drove to Salt Lake with my family, and Megan and fam, and Kenz to the Hogle Zoo.
After the zoo we met up with Great Grandma Scott, and Uncle Kay who have never met the twins. We ate The Pie Pizza in the park that overlooked Salt Lake. It was wonderful. We then dropped the kids off with my parents, and went Disco Bowling with my bro and sil Jen. (We loved Double Dating with you guys...)

Day 48: We drove the long trek home to good ol Huntington Beach. My skin thanks you, ocean, for the moisture you give it. I was a bunch of walking scales in Utah. The twins played with Glo Sticks in the car, watched movies, and read books.  

Did you get through it... I tried to cut down on pictures. I didn't make my goal, but there were too many good pictures to pass up. 

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Emily said...

it looks like you guys had a great time!! love all the pictures, there are a couple of REALLY goods ones!! You made my mouth water just talking about Kneaders I'm glad you didn't go into great detail or IK might have had to make s trip up there just for a turkey sandwhich!

jenny said...

looks like a fun trip! i am happy to hear you hit almost all my favorite utah food places!

Amy said...

Fun trip!! The kids and I are headed to Utah in 2 weeks- not look forward to that drive, but I am looking forward to all this Utah stuff!!

mackenzie said...

so glad i could play with you guys up here. wish you could live her for always so we could play continously. the twins are lovely : ) see ya in four days!

Brooke said...

awww jen that looks like it was so much fun. the picture of you in cedar i was in that exact place this summer too weird. ahah glad you got to be with your family thats so fun :)
love Brooke

Lou Ellen said...

All pictures great, but the trampoline picture - wow, super shot.

Chelsea said...

OH NO! Im so sorry we missed you guys! Next time- we will for sure meet up!

I am LOVING your photos Jen! You are making me miss you Rebel :)