Tuesday, July 28

!!!36 Butterflies!!!

There were more than that, but I am getting sick of seeing a number at the top of every post. We went to the Environmental Nature Center this morning.


(did everything I am about to tell you for free...)

played with different animal foot print stamps and water:

Looked at snakes and frogs:

Colored butterflies:

Read bug books:

Went in the butterfly house:

Got really close:

Butterfly kisses:

Went on a little hike around the nature center and saw...



(Berkleigh looks concerned in the picture because she is looking for the hippo I told her was behind me so she would look at the camera.)

Picked up sticks:

Hung out with Brooke:

And last but not least... got our buy one get one free smoothies from Jamba Juice:

Gotta love summer!

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