Tuesday, July 28

Monday, Day 35: Sea World

We got to see these bad boys yesterday with the Moussers, Haights, and Brooke. There was a white heron that kept flying right by Shamu. I wanted to see the circle of life... but Shamu was to busy putting on a show. 
(Yes, I took this picture. No, I am not dumb enough to sit in the splash zone. The beauty of nice camera is you get to crop a far away picture and make it look close.)

I know, redundant, but I needed you to see that we spent some time with the aquatic life, even though most of the time was spent here:

I don't love Elmo, but he sure makes a mean play area for the toddlers. When it is 80+ degrees outside, Elmo is my favorite person.

Mission Accomplished: Worn out!

And to make it through a LONG trip back from San Diego, we stopped at Mr. Frostie's, a Kristy (the person with me) favorite, for some delish Chocolate Mint Oreo Shakes... mmm.

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Ammon and Becky Sullivan said...

I'm so jelous you went to Frosties! I've heard so much about that place.