Wednesday, July 29

The (37) Lost Playgrounds of Atlantis

Well... Day 37 actually started last night.. when my wonderful mother in law picked up the kids and took them to her house for a sleep over. Gotta love those! Tyson and I went on a mid week date to El Torito (yum) and Transformers (yuck).

Today, we went to the Atlantis Play Center in Garden Grove (said with a holla at the end)

We went with Max, Autie, and Ivy.

Huge slides...

Possessed sea creatures... (Yes, Merrick is kissing this beaut.)

Possessed sea creature A:

Possessed sea creature B:

Possessed sea creature C:

And to top it off, the possessed King Neptune:

I might be worried that the possessed powers of those sea creatures rubbed off on my boy...

And some fun on the swings...

I love new adventures... and I would go back to this park again.

2 love notes:

Jessica said...

Jen that last picture is awesome!

Autumn said...

OMG I went there when I was a kid and even had a birthday party there! Brings back old memories! Love all your adventures, good seeing you briefly at church in the parking lot! Autumn