Wednesday, September 24

Gots To Get Done

I have been so lazy! I wanted to finish my book and play with my peeps, and the housework and errands keep piling up. I did a to do list once before on the blog, and I felt really accountable for it, so here I go sending my laundry list out into the great unknown...

1. Post Office 
(reg. to vote, Cal the Bear, Birthday Cards)
2. Find Sticks 
3. Make 2 Black Birds
4. Make blanket
5. Laundry
6. Decorate for Halloween
7. Dishes
8. Mop Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
9. Vacuum
10. Clean out Fridge/Freezer
11. Clean oven
12. Wipe down washer and dryer.
13. Clean Bathtub
14. Go to the Park
15. Return Red Box
16. Put Food Storage away
17. Buy HB postcard
18. Dust
19. Sew bird tails
20. Vacuum out Pilot (probably not today, cause where do I put the twins)
21. Donate to

I wanna see a lot of these,
 cause if I don't... 


With enough motivation maybe I can actually be productive today.

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Amy said...

Woah, that's a big list!! I have to go to LA tomorrow dangit! I would love to go to dland with you guys! Are you blocked out on Sat?

thacfam said...
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jenny said...

yikes! good luck with that. hopefully the twins will take a good nap for you.

ps sorry the deleted comment was me i was logged in under the wrong name

Becca said...

Holy huge list jen! You are ambitious, I would never come close to measuring up. Good luck! I joined and could not find you. I am under Becca L , also, what was the name of that book you talked about- 'Maury and Me'???

Emily said...

oh my goodness!!! that's like my list for a whole month!! I want to see the birds when you are done with them!

Katelyn said...

if you really get all that done by tomorrow... you make me sick! I am lucky if I get one thing crossed off the list these days! :) Goodluck~ katelyn

The Polson Family said...

You better get a move on. We fully expect to see you tomorrow. P.S. I've had my protectmarriage check written for a month and just mailed it today. Don't feel too bad.

RaeAnn said...

I hope you go to Dland even without the oven being clean!!! What did I teach you anyway??

The Flying V said...

Ahahah oh my jen that is the randomiest list ive ever seen. its really fun. im so jelouse that you go to dland and im stuck doing gemoetry!!!!!
Brooke morgan :)

tiff said...

Wipe down the washer and dryer? Clean out the fridge and freezer? I've done that like three times in my married life. You are even more ambitious than I thought..... :)

tiff said...

P.S. I like your bird mobile. Where are you going to put it?

ecuakim said...

Sheesh, Jen. You can really pack it in! Good luck, but I have to agree with your mum on this one and tell you that you should go to the Happiest Place on Earth even if the oven isn't clean...

tiff said...

Hey Jen--I love your monkeys, but there's one too many. You're not making some kind of announcement, are you?

Haha...sorry, I couldn't resist. But Jake was the one who noticed!

Jen Scott said... You are not the first one to ask about the monkeys. No announcement, just liked the picture. :)

Emily C said...

did you finish your blanket already? i still have a little bit of the machine "quilting" if you will, left.

man oh man, you are like the cleanest person i know. hopefully your habits can rub off on me!

Emily C said...

oh and i just noticed the bird mobile on the side bar. love that!

Jackie said...

Yeah! I make lists like that all the time, but the only thing that ever gets done is me looking at it!
And whats up with this Disney Land thing!!! Do you guys go ALL the time?
We really do need a place like Cali. to live.

Emily said...

i just came bakc to see if you were making announcment too!! No such luck I guess, oh well!!I'm glad you quickly clarified!