Monday, May 5

Crazy Climber Man

aka: Merrick

Here he is climbing in our friends pantry last night!

Here he is climbing into the stroller!

Here he is climbing onto our boxes of stuff to sell at the garage sale!

Here he is climbing up the rocking horse to get to glass votives!

Here he is trying to climb the goat at the petting zoo!

Here he is climbing up the chairs onto the table to play with a knife!
(At least it was a butter knife!)

Here he is climbing the stairs and onto the little outlook!
 (There is about a 4 foot drop below him.)

Here he is climbing into the closed jogger stroller. 
If you notice his feet you can see that he is totally stuck!

Here he is climbing on one of those sit and spin things, and then up onto the rocking chair.

Here he is climbing up the handles of the rocking chair.

Here he is climbing up his old carseat to get to the stroller!

8 love notes:

jenny said...

merrick is such an amazing climber! i hope he does everest one day!

Jessica said...

Any big falls yet? At least it keeps him occupied- diddo on everest, I'll be watching!

Emily said...

What amazing blance he has!! Almost everything he is climbing on is a rocker or moves in someway!!! I'm not looking forward to all that! I love the pic of him stuck in the stroller.

April said...

I LOVE the picture of him totally stuch on the jogging stroller! His face is adorable! Quite the little adventurer.

wattlesfamilycaos said...

What a little monkey!

Amy said...

yeah- that last comment was me :) I am sure you don't know any other Wattles hehe

Jen and Chris said... does seem as if he has quite the climbing talent. Watch out trees!

Chelsea said...

wow! I had no idea he was so talented and adventurous! He is such a boy!