Tuesday, May 6

Cinco De Mayo

Our friends, the Heymans, had a Cinco de Mayo party last night. So Tyson and I decided we needed to dress the part...
Tyson in his "Corona Supermercado" shirt and his Honduras hat.

Merrick in his little "Mexican Burro" shirt and yellow socks.

Berkleigh in a green shirt, white skirt, and red tights.

(Like the Mexican flag! I was going to print this 

off of the computer and pin it to her skirt, but I ran out of time.

I dressed like Berkleigh in red, green, and white.

We had such a fiesta!
 Comemos tacos con carne y pollo, y galletas con helado. MMM!
  (That is me trying to remember some of my spanish. uh... i should practice)
Translation: We ate tacos with meat and chicken, and cookies with icecream.

We had fun dancing on the tables to the Macarena and Shakira's My Hips Don't Lie.

Thanks Heymans for having us all over and Happy Birthday Jenny! And Jessica, we are so glad you are back and HEALTHY! We have to hang out TONS before we all leave.

4 love notes:

jenny said...

Tyson left his amazing Honduras hat at our house! Remind me to give it back today. I love the Cinco de Mayo enthusiasm! Thanks for coming!

Amy said...

SO awesome you guys all dressed the part!

Emily said...

you guys are too funny!! I love that you live up every holiday!!

Chelsea said...

Sounds like a blast! It is so nice to see Jessica in some pictures again! I LOVE the thought you put into all your outfits!