Friday, May 2

Where are you summer?

where are those fireflies,
where are the hot dogs, hamburgers, and bbqs,
where are the warm nights,
where are the peaches, nectarines, and strawberries,
where are the fireworks,

where are the ice cream runs and the 7-11 slurpees,
where are the good books and the smell of sunscreen
where are the kites on the beach
where are the lazy afternoons for laying out
where is the smell of the ocean

where are the flip flops and running across hot pavement
where are the picnics and running through the sprinklers
Where is summer? 

Well WE are waiting right here ...
(ok, so I know where all that stuff is...I just want it all right now!)

6 love notes:

Amy said...

OK Jen, just to let you know that's it's already summer down here! It was 100 degrees last weekend! Hang on a little longer........before you know it you guys will be hanging around in the Huntington sun!

jenny said...

did you actually put them in the pool? it is still so cold! i'm guessing you guys just laid out and that is fun. berk's swimsuit is cute! love the kites.

Jessica said...

what is cuter than a baby in a swimsuit? TWO babies- I LOVE baby fat! Its too hot for swimsuits here!

Chelsea said...

It looks beautiful to me! We have snow on the ground here in good ole' Utah. Be happy and take a little strol to 7-11 for me! :)

miss you all!

garcias said...

Those pictures are so cute. My favorite is them holding on to the fence gazing at the swimming pool. :) So I am so glad you found me. To be truthful I have been wanting to talk to you for the past couple of years, but don't know how to get a hold of you. Thanks for looking me up.

Alix Hart said...

That looks like my kids waiting for summer. It finally started arriving this week and it'll be 9pm and they don't want to come in. You'll have an awesome summer in southern Cali. That makes me jealous.