Monday, April 21

Oh, The Places "we've" Been and The Places "we'll" Go...

To keep myself from being sad about moving:

Today is your day.
You'r off to Great Places!
You're off and away!

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
and direction you choose.
You're on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the "family" who'll decide where to go.

I thought of this poem by Dr. Seuss a couple times in the last month as we are coming to grips with leaving the second place we have come to know together as a couple. I love Walnut Creek. I feel like I can drive and not have to really think where I am going. We have seen all the sights, and have eaten at some great little restaurants. We developed our careers here (doctor and teacher), we became parents here, learned how to be parents here, we developed our marriage and grown closer here, we have great friends here, and we are established in our ward!  I just think of how sad it will be to leave... even if I am happy to get out of the ghetto condo we live in.  (It really isn't that bad, I'm just being dramatic.)

Some Places We've Been:
Snowboarding in Bear Valley with the Harts and the Larsens.

Chinese New Year Parade in downtown San Francisco with the Harts and the Larsen.

Oh, The Places We'll Go:

Disneyland Annual Passes! (So excited for this!!)

So to keep my spirits up, I thought I would look through our pictures and find places we've been and great memories we have created and share them a couple times a week. Then I decided to look up something in Southern California that is exciting that we can do when we get down there, so I can find closure and some excitement into the "places we'll go"... 
But this isn't really goodbye, we are only 6 hours away!

6 love notes:

jenny said...

sad! i'm excited you guys got disneyland passes though! how fun will that be!?

karen said...

Ack! Stop talking about leaving. Just kidding. We always knew you guys would be moving on to after Tyson was done, but we will still miss your cute family.

C's grandma lives in SoCal so we get down there from time to time. Maybe we can meet up at Disneyland!

Alix Hart said...

I am so honored that we are on your blog! I did a scrapbook page with that Dr. Seuss poem before we left Oakland. I never thought we'd fall in love with that ghetto and almost get homesick for it even now. It only goes to show that you can be happy anywhere. You guys will have fun wherever you go. You'll have to eat some Zacharies pizza for us before you leave (oh, man that sounds so good right now.)

ClintnBecca said...

How fun, we love the picture of the family on the side bar titled "starring" Such a cute picture of everyone. You are going to love moving and the new things you will do and experience. We are excited for you! Just sad to leave friends behind, but then you will have friends all over California!!

Amy said...

YAY for Disney passes!!! We will have to all go- A LOT!!! We love going there, and what better place than Disneyland can cheer you up right?!

Jessica said...

What day do you guys head out? It looks like (I'm crossing my fingers) we'll be coming back after memorial day weekend for 2 weeks! Tal can't wait to see the twins!