Tuesday, April 22

Oh the Places We've Been Continued...

Today I looked back at pictures of our adventures in Mendecino and Glass beach. In the 40s and 50s the town of Mendecino would throw all their trash over the cliffs and into the ocean. Back then they used tons of glass. The glass smashed, mulled around and was worked over by the waves to create TONS of sea glass. We felt like pirates looking for treasure. Cute little beach town and a great beach to find sea glass. Sea glass anywhere else is super expensive... but not in Mendecino you can just search for the best pieces right from the beach!
That is all sea glass. I found red pieces, blue pieces, and then the normal sea green, green, and brown colors.

Northern California also has great redwood forests. Here we are at Muir Woods. We took a walk through the gorgeous Giant Redwoods. We might have been a little irreverent. :)

Rompin' around Muir Woods.

The Northern California uniquely beautiful rocky cliff beaches (This was summer,  it was FREEZING, I always have to wear a sweatshirt when I go up here!)
Southern California has beaches like these, and we are excited for that.

Tyson is excited for the surfing! (If the water is warm enough... then so will I)

The pier is also host to a variety of events such as a farmer’s market, art festival and even an annual rubber duck race! (Are you kidding... for sure we are entering that!) We looked at beach cruiser on craigslist. You can get some nice ones for cheap! I think we might have to buy some, so we can exercise on the beach in style. :)

3 love notes:

jenny said...

i am liking these posts! its giving me ideas of things for us to explore.

the beaches are a definite plus to southern california. the ones here are just pretty to look at.

em-jared-ryan said...

I wish we were living by the beach!! You can buy a wetsuit for the water.

Amy said...

YES, you guys need to get some beach cruisers! Slap some baby seats on the back and your good to go! We can't wait to see you guys!