Monday, April 14

The cutest couple

Well this past weekend has been BUSY! A little recap and then onto the post...

Friday night we went out to eat at Mel's with our friends the Heymans and Carvers to say goodbye to the Carvers who moved to Utah. After dinner, the Carvers went home to finish packing, and we walked around downtown Walnut Creek with the Heymans. That is where the blessed date occurred between the cutest couple ever.

Here is what happened:

They walked to the fountain outside the romantic italian restaurant where the moon was high and the lights were dimmed creating the perfect atmosphere.

Merrick and Kate enjoyed each others company and babbled about the fountain and how nice the night was. There were a few momentary hand touches, but they didn't hold hands for long.

Berkleigh, feeling like the third wheel, wandered around the fountain feeling dejected and wishing for a date of her own. She found comfort and companionship in the small yips and barks of this dog. (Please don't become a dog lady Berkleigh... you are still young. You have TIME to find your true love!)

As she pondered her own life, she felt like she needed to be a better sister, and ask Kate her intentions with her twin brother. She also needs to make sure she has a good friendship with Kate if she was going to continue to date Merrick.

Once again, Merrick and Kate found each other alone together and the flirting really began!

How cute was this date. I felt honored to narrate for you and to bring this expression of  love to your knowledge!

Really, it was fun to see them interact together and we will miss the Heymans when we leave WC.

I don't have pictures for the rest of the weekend, but for the sake of journaling I want it written somewhere. 

Saturday morning, we helped pack up the Carvers ginormous truck and helped clean the house. Then Jenny and I feeling very tired and dirty, went to out for a little pampering. Pedi-s and Mani-s!
Saturday night I went with my girlfriends from school for a girls night out. We went to dinner and sang some Karaoke. So fun!
After dinner I went to chaperone the youth stake dance. A busy, but fun weekend!

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Jessica said...

Tallon really misses your kids "Merk and Berk" as he is calling them right now. Fun date night out! As for Kate and Merrick, only time will tell!

jenny said...

this post made me laugh so hard! kate watched the video with me and is laughing like a giddy little girl in love. i am going to link this post on my blog if that's okay.

okay where did you do karaoke? that sounds like a fun girls outing.

Chelsea said...

So stinkin' cute!!! They ARE going to be the cutest couple. I better get a wedding invite!

Oh- and thanks for all your guys were amazing!!!

Jordan said...

Your kids are great! This is Jordan Muhlestein, who stumbled upon your site while blog-stalking or whatever you call it. Anyway, I'm glad you guys are doing well.
I can't belive Tyson is almost done with school. Hooray!
You can find out about us at

Jen and Chris said...

Merrick, don't forgot to call her,,,and do it soon or else she'll think you're not interested.

em-jared-ryan said...

Uh..not supposed to date until they are can't start making exceptions already!! Too cute to see they enteract with other kidos.

Alix Hart said...

It's so cute to see your twins. It seems like so much work, but a lot of fun. You'll have to tell Tyson a made a glass-free birthday cake this time. I've found guests eating my cakes don't really appreciate that type of thing. Ha, ha. I hope it's safe to laugh about now.

Becky said...

That video is super-cute! I love the paparazzi flashes during the scene.

jackie e said...

cute little romance. by the way, you are way creative with your posts.