Friday, April 11

Love Hate Relationship...

...with myself. 

Ok, my friend Jenny tagged me with this crazy long tag. So here goes... 10 reasons why I "stink" and 10 reasons why I "rock"...
I am tagging... Amy W. and Emily K.
Why I "stink":

1. I had a C-section with the twins and never once felt a contraction. (Some might think this is a blessing, but I want to know what it is like to give birth.)

2. I am addicted to the internet. No explanation necessary.

3. I have really stupid jokes. I get that from my dad....I used to get so embarrassed about his jokes, and now I have his personality...hmmm. A really stupid joke is the real reason Tyson's family likes me, and why Tyson married me. Maybe I will tell it sometime...

4. Merrick fell out of the Target shopping cart on my watch. I really was watching him, but he grabbed a big metal bin while I was pushing the cart and dragged himself out.

5. I hate clutter. I will throw things away that are perfectly good just because I don't have a good place for it.

6. I don't like talking on the phone. That is why I text everyone all the time. I am known to have full on discussions through text messages just so I don't have to talk to someone ON the phone.

7.  I am not a follow througher.  I always having feelings to call, email, send a card, go out to lunch with friends, and I never follow through. Like the other night at Enrichment this lady spoke about her experiences with her visiting teachers and I was so touched. I thought, "I should send her a note telling her how much that meant to me. " Did I? No! That happens at least twice a week.

8. I am stubborn. This can be good, but I have ruined a couple good friendships from being too stubborn. 

9. I bite my fingernails. (Tyson bites his too.) We were in the car the other day, both of us gnawing away, and we looked at each other laughed and said, "Our kids are hopeless."

10. I am the worst at doing laundry. I always get it in the washer, but forget to put it in the dryer. In fact... i am pretty sure there is a load in the washer right now that I put in at like 8:30 this morning. Let me check... yep. When I was in college. I hated doing laundry so I would just buy more clothes and underwear instead of actually doing it.

Why I "rock":
1. I have twins. And I have never once complained about how hard it is. 
(That doesn't count. :))

2. I don't get stressed out. I am a very calm person, and I just go with the flow... maybe that is why we were blessed with twins.

3. I can multi task with the best of them. Right now I am on the computer, eating my lunch, feed the twins their lunch, talking on the phone to the Asics company, and watching Enchanted.
How perfect is this picture!
4. I am a good teacher.  Teaching comes naturally to me. I love teaching elementary school and seldom get lessons from other teachers. When I taught kindergarten I made up every lesson and created every center, lesson etc. It was fun... thanks Brittany and Tyson and all Brittany's roommates for cutting and coloring with me. :)

5. I am spontaneous. My friends know that they can call me up, and I will drop what ever to do something fun. Like stacking doors in front of a guys apartment, or deciding last minute to drive 11 hours to Orange County from Provo to spend 24 hours and then drive back.

6.  I have an amazing memory. I can remember anything about anyone. Sometimes I lie and say I don't remember something about someone, just so I don't feel stalkerish.

7. I don't mind confrontation. Not the bad kind... I was at Target the other day buying laundry detergent and it said you got a $5 gift card if you bought this certain brand. I bought, it and they didn't give me the gift card. Apparently I misread the signs, but he gave me the $5 anyway because "I could see how you would think that!"

8. I make good pancakes. Tyson doesn't throw them out the window anymore so they must be good.

9. For not having any real artistic training, I am pretty good. I am a "closet" water colorist. I think I really just have good spacial sense and creativity. 

10. Nothing I rock at would be possible if it wasn't for a loving husband who understands me and the gospel that grounds me and helps me "rock". Love you babe.

9 love notes:

jenny said...

i love reading these tags about other people! i am with you on the phone talking, texting is more work but way better!

jenny said...

oh yea, thanks for humoring me and doing my tag!

Jessica said...

Love the new layout. Good job on the tag- you followed through on this one! I like this tag because the things that people don't like about themselves, I usually love about them. Miss you guys!

mamaroosh said...

This post really made me miss you!

Kristyn said...

Now THIS was a fun tag! I liked it all, but I especially liked the one about remembering things about people. Can I relate to that one! I too have totally lied just to avoid looking freaky.

And you do love being a parent! I know all would agree on that one!

ClintnBecca said...

Very fun Jen. Love the hate/love thing. Also, Clint and I were totally laughing about your Happy Hollow experience. We have been there and Braden was fascinated with the goat poop. Fun times!

Amy said...

I hate laundry too! blah! I will work on this tag today!

Chelsea said...

These are so fun!!! I am DEFINITELY impressed at your ability to handle your twins. You not only NEVER complain, but you do an exceptional job as their Mother!!!

The Henricksen Journal said...

You are awesome. Love catching up with you this way. Hope you are going to the reunion this summer?...