Wednesday, July 25

While we were away...

Ethan helping me give Merrick a bottle.
B chillin...
Twins hanging with cousin Jacob.
Kenzie's backflip caught midair.
Surfin on those great Lake Powell waves.
Girl Cousins... Nataleigh and Berkleigh.
They did this everytime we took them in the water. It just lulled them to sleep.
The girls on the tube... do you like the next one. Craig was trying to knock us off... but couldn't.
The girl ride was WAY more mellow than this ride I took with Tyson and Cameron. They are crazies! Not so mello.
Our Little Cowgirl.

The gang.
Playing footsies
Mom and Merrick!
Jen wakeboarding.
we went to some great places. Pictures to come of Austin, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona. (Mom and Brianna... if you are reading this... can you send those pictures!?? Thanks!)

So we went to Lake Powell with Tyson's family. It was a blast. We floated, wakeboarded, explored, ate yummy food, played games, took tons of pictures, and went to bed and got up with the sun. Lake Powell is so relaxing and it is so fun to be with family.

The twins finally got to meet Aunt Megan, and cousins Ethan, Nataleigh, and Jacob. We had so much fun!

4 love notes:

jenny said...

cute pictures! i love the bumbo one where their feet are touching. call us when you get back!

ecuakim said...

Darling! The pictures at Lake Powell are amazing! How fun! Looks like a great time; we'll have to go...we've never been. Hey, it was so much fun to see you while you were here! I love you so much and it's just so wonderful to see you with the twins. You are such a great mother! I couldn't do it with two!

The Flying V said...

Jen, you do such a great job with your blog! I love seeing all those fun pictures. It brings back great memories. I can't wait until you guys are here in Utah in March. We will really party! Love to you!-Megan

mamaroosh said...

I love your blog. I love seeing all the great pictures of everyone!The pictures of the Lake are awesome. Made me want to go but it would have to be with family! That just looked waaay too much fun!