Thursday, October 24

The Mill and Casey's Hotdogs

We had a crazy summer with the house debacle etc, so after that was figured out, I started my summer shenanigans. We tried to do something fun everyday, and Salem may be small, but I thought there had to be things we hadn't done yet that we could do! And I found some!

We have this great Mill. It is beautiful and historical. Love that.
So we took our friends with us on a Tuesday when it is free admission.

We saw all the ways they manipulated the wool to make yarn.So So cool, but a little stinky (or so says Berkleigh).

Merrick had a great time, but he was so not feeling the picture taking. 
I love this picture though cause it looks like a young little boy in the times of yore grumpy about working in the mill for the day. 

After the Mill we headed to Casey's Hotdogs. I have wanted to try this place for awhile. 

It wasn't bad... I mean, they are hotdogs.
I had a Chicago Dog for the first time and it was pretty tasty.

I think the kids liked their hotdogs too.

Successful day.

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